ALTIER Old fashioned work ethic breathing life into ancient texts.


                                  Liebe: Antiqua Text Instaurabo et Restauratio

Hello and welcome to ALTIER.  My name is Adreas Koch, founder and CEO of ALTIER restoration services.  We are a multinational business with a client list all over the globe.

        We are ideally situated in Klipphausen, Germany.  We have served clients from our own backyard in Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and the Far East.  

Our Motto: “Old fashioned work ethic breathing life into ancient texts.”

Last Project: Far Forest Scrolls Illustrations (

Current Project: Rare Antiquities Collection, Munich

Next Project: The European Unions’ Antiquarian Book Matrix

“Break the ALTIER seal and unlock the extraordinary.”

         The walls of our unassuming building hold a treasure trove of modern day restoration equipment.  Amazing microscopes are connected to computers to allow document digitization and diagnosis of structural weakness.  Other employees wield tweezers, glue and paint brushes to painstakingly weave feathers of fiber onto the ancient scrolls to restore them.